What is my Trade Worth?!

What’s my trade worth!!!

That’s a very interesting question and can vary greatly from dealer to dealer.  Every vehicle owned has a value. It can vary a bit from dealer to dealer, depending on personal opinion, but usually not too much. Simply put, it has a known value! Then why will one dealer gives me $10,000, another, $11000 and another $12000?  Here are 3 possibilities;

  • UV the trade in; they might be Under-Valuing your trade in. By doing this they are essentially ‘stealing your trade in” Not fair to you and devious in my opinion. This is almost always the case when the Price is so low it seems too good to be true.    Buyer beware!!!!!


  1. The dealer has too much mark-up and is ‘over-allowing’ on the trade in. what if you didn’t have a trade-in? then you would be paying too much, right?
  2. It’s actually accurate and the listed price is fair. Perfect. But!!! make sure the vehicle you are buying is fairly priced.


It always comes down to the same thing. Deal with a dealer you know and trust. They will help you with a fair deal and be there when you need service down the road. It’s not rocket science, just good business that ensures the long term customer/dealer relationship.

I hope to see you on the “Sunnyside of 61!”