When I travel, I always look at reviews before I dine. What about buying a vehicle?

In the past, your reputation was your only source of advertisement in a small community. It is even more important today as the buying public is very mobile swayed by popular opinions. Whenever I travel, it’s a quick thing for me to check restaurant reviews in the area. I look for the places with numerous reviews and a high rating.  I always throw out the worst and the best as they can skew the results. (There’s always ‘that customer who dislikes everything, and the one who would eat a piece of salted wood and give it 5 stars!)

With that in mind, take a close look at your potential dealership ratings….yelp, facebook, google etc. and see what comes up! As an example, if you see a service department with complaints stating they don’t replace your oil filter every time your oil is changed, you probably should consider another service department.  Move on…or the dealer that gouges you in the finance office time and time again is a warning sign. Those will be in the reviews.  You have endless information available for virtually any purchase. Why not for your vehicle purchase? Buy local when you can, it helps your community…but buy from those you trust and know. After all, it’s a vehicle you will have for a long time and your local dealer will repay you over and over again. This I know!

Happy New Year! Drive safe! We want to see you on Sunnyside of 61!

Mike and our entire crew at Sugarloaf